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HID Landing / Taxi / Recognition / Ice Lighting for Aircraft

Boom Beam
Which light would YOU prefer
on a dark night?

Fly safer, see farther
with LoPresti Boom Beams!

"Helluva Landing Light" -- Aviation Consumer May 2003

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Our Boom Beam HID lighting systems improve lighting in most cases by more than 500% and consists of a power supply, shielded high voltage wire harness, plug in HID lamp, mounting hardware, and your choice of lens reflector assemblies.

For our round reflectors we have Landing, Taxi and Intermediate beam widths. The Landing beam has an exceedingly long range and is a 10 degree circle, (stock sealed beams are generally 10 wide by 5 high), the Taxi beam will flood the immediate area and is 55 degrees wide by 25 high, and the Intermediate also has a very long range but has the advantage of a much larger “foot print” on the runway, (our recommended light for single HID systems) and is a 17 degree circle. We also have rectangular reflectors for wing tip applications.

These systems are available in 14 and 28 volt versions with pricing from $948.

To make installation as fast and as simple as possible we furnish “ClickBond” fasteners that glue in place and hold our power supply and wire harness. Virtually the entire installation can be accomplished by gluing, crimping and tie wrapping.

Our Boom Beam system is FAA/PMA’d and STC’d for over 68,000 aircraft and can be field approved on virtually every other aircraft.

  • Tested to DO-160D
  • FAA/PMA Approved Parts
  • Five-Year Warranty
  • Up to 5X the candlepower of standard lights
  • No filament to break

Available in 3 widths:
Taxi - 54° width
Intermediate - 17° width
Landing - 9° width

Available in various diameters and shapes

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 PMA'd & STC'd
STC'd for over 68,000 aircraft
Can be field installed in many aircraft.  
Great for your experimental kit aircraft in 14 and 28 Volt
MPG video of Boom Beam start up in a Cherokee 235

See AOPA Story  See Aviation Consumer

No Filament to break!

A New High Tech, HID (High Intensity Discharge), Xenon landing light system
The whitest, brightest idea in aircraft lighting in 25 years. And LoPresti Speed Merchants is the first to offer it for aircraft use.

This exciting new technology uses mercury and xenon gases to create and maintain the light source.

Each Boom Beam kit includes a special power supply.

These gasses are ignited by applying power to two electrodes within a glass tube. The Boom Beam provides a light whose color is very close to actual daylight. This means that not only is the light MUCH brighter than the standard light, but is also much whiter, yielding colors that are truer, giving you a better night view.

Vibration and shock are the primary killers of a normal light bulb.  The filament in a normal bulb is very fragile and any kind of vibration or shock can cause a failure.  LoPresti Speed Merchants Boom Beam has been extensively proven in a very rough environment, Flight Training.  The Boom Beam can take a pounding and come out shining.  The Boom Beam is so rugged that we warranty the bulb for 5 years. The Boom Beam makes a near ideal aircraft landing light.

Landing, Taxi or Intermediate
versions are available.
Call 800-859-4757 to order!

5 Year Warranty On All Parts, Including Lamp Burnout!
You May Never Have To Change A Lamp Again
5 Times brighter than stock light
  • Over 500,000 candle power. 
  • 5 times brighter than a 100 watt sealed beam light.
  • PAR 46 (5 3/4" reflector) or PAR 36 (4 1/2" reflector) 
  • PAR 56, PAR 64 (with adapter plate)
    Now Available in both Landing and Taxi versions!
  • New Rectangular wing lights.
  • Metal Halide - Xenon - High Intensity Discharge Light System.
  • Very white light (like the new Lexus, Porsche, Mercury Headlights).
    The light is close to daylight color.
  • Warranty includes Lamp burnout
  • Can be left on continuously, 5,000 Hour Bulb Life
  • Reduces load on alternator, system uses less than 3 amps at 14 volts and less than 1.4 amps at 28 volts.
  • No filament to break.  The filament is the weak link in all standard and Halogen lighting.

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