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Carbon Fiber
Main Landing Gear Doors

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  • Carbon Fiber Construction
  • Vinyl Ester Resin 
  • Extra Stiff Door Stays Closed
  • Includes Door Side Hinge
  • Stainless Fasteners
  • Bright White Finish
  • Finished Both Sides
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LoPresti Main Gear Doors are direct replacements for Piper main landing gear doors, only we have greatly improved the quality of materials in these parts. LoPresti Speed Merchants employs the same high quality carbon fiber and vinyl ester resin manufacturing process to construct our main gear doors that we utilized in our cowl modifications. The finished parts are stiffer than stock doors or other vendors replacement doors, more durable and UV resistant, and do not display the shrinkage problems of lower-cost resin systems have. Shrinkage of polyester resin parts contribute to the surface cracking and twisting (or warping) common in other vendorís parts. By replacing the fiberglass that Piper uses with carbon fiber we have stiffened the gear doors by orders of magnitude.

Is this a speed mod? No and yes. Our parts are shaped identically to Pipers stock shape, BUT most airplanes are flying with weak (or broken) main landing gear doors. Broken or weak doors "suck" open in flight and reduce the speed of your airplane. Our new main landing gear doors are stiffer, and will remain closed, providing you with the speed your airplane was designed to produce.

Part name

Part number

Main Landing Gear Doors - Carbon (Piper 67090-10)


Main Landing Gear Doors - Carbon (Piper 67090-11)


Main Landing Gear Doors - Carbon (Piper 67090-14)


Main Landing Gear Doors - Carbon (Piper 67090-15)


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