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Press for Roy.  Fury, Speed Merchants and Mooney

Subject Link to Article
Speed Merchants 1994 Dec Plane and Pilot -- Arrow Mods
Speed Merchants 1997 May AOPA Lance Cowl
Speed Merchants 2001 Feb AOPA Boom Beam
Speed Merchants 2001 Nov Private Pilot Saratoga Fixed Gear Cowl
Speed Merchants 2001 Sep Plane and Pilot Cheetah Cowl
Spectra 1970 April AOPA Spectra
Mooney 1976 Aug Flying Mooney 201
Mooney 1977 Jan AOPA Mooney 201
Mooney 1977 Jan Consumer Aviation
Mooney 1982 Jan Consumer Aviation
Mooney 1983 June AOPA Mooney 301
Piper 1988 Jan Aviation Consumer
SwiftFire 1988 Oct Sport Aviation
SwiftFire 1988 Sep AOPA
SwiftFire 1988 Sep Aviation Consumer
SwiftFury 1989 Aug Plane and Pilot
SwiftFury 1990 July Flying
SwiftFury 1991 March Flight International
SwiftFury 1999 March Flight International
Fury 2000 April Plane and Pilot
Fury 2004 11 Plane and Pilot
Fury 2004 12 Rob Report
Fury and LSM 2005 02 Press Journal


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