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Grumman Tiger Speed Modifications
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Each order comes with all the hardware called out on the drawing, (i.e. rivets, screws, washers, etc), STC, step by step instructions, and LoPresti Decal.

Speed Kit Name

Speed Increase

LoPresti Cheetah Cowl - New vertically split carbon fiber cowling with round inlets, NACA duct for engine induction air, and improved exit air ramp. Our new cowling improves cooling, increase speed and give a more modern appearance.  5 16
Boom Beam - A New High Tech, HID (High Intensity Discharge), Xenon landing light system.  Requires Field Approval - STC Pending 500,000
ADC Red (Translucent) Rudder Cap – Low-drag Lexan rudder cap with provisions to internally mount beacon/strobe. Fits all AA-1 through AG-5B    
Hubba Hubba Cap (pair) - Wheel Cover   .5

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