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The mods below fit all PA24s, PA30s and PA39s

We have several very effective yet simple speed mods for your airplane. One mod reduces the drag caused by the retracted but exposed main gear. This mod is called SPEED SPATS and is worth 5 MPH in cruise speed.

Speed Spats

SPEED SPLITTERS are fairings that cover exposed flap tracks on twins, 260s and electric flap 250s. The SPEED SPLITTERS alone are worth 4 MPH. SPLITTERS used in conjunction with SPEED SPATS, yield a total 8 MPH.

Speed Splitters
  • 4 MPH Speed Increase Alone
  • 8 MPH Speed Increase with SPATS & SPLITTERS
  • STC Included
  • 12 High Quality Hexcell Fiberglass Parts
  • White Gelcote Finish
  • Approximately 7 Hours to Install
  • Includes All Mounting Hardware

SPEED SEALS are span wise flap gap seals that provide 2 MPH. The SEALS provide better pitch authority making the airplane easier to land.

SPEED SEALS for Comanche
Speed Seals

A SLIPPER mod is available for 180s, 250s and 260s (not the 400). This mod is a fairing that mounts just aft of the nose wheel well and helps the exiting cooling air turn parallel to the belly of the airplane in a smooth and efficient manner and yields 3 MPH. (The WHOLEY COWL eliminates the need for the SLIPPER.)

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