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Wow! Cowl Mod For PA30 and PA39

The WOW COWL mod consists of two new low drag nose bowls that give you much improved access and lower drag. The reduced drag of the cowl mod provides 7 MPH in cruise speed. The reduced drag also provides extra range because when you fly faster on the same power, you also fly farther. The lower drag also provides better climb on one engine, a nice comforting advantage.

The WOW COWL is approved for both the turbocharged and the non turbocharged twin. The modification consists of two carbon/fiberglass nose bowls.

A great deal of improved technology is found in the WOW COWL modification. The inlets are smaller than the stock cowling and are very close to the trailing edge of the propeller. Speed Merchants found through careful flight testing that the air directly behind the propeller trailing edge has greater energy.

WOW! COWL for PA30 & PA39 Turbo and Non Turbo

The WOW! COWL Mod Includes
  • 7 Mph Cruise Speed Increase
  • Reduces Cooling Drag
  • Stunning Modern Appearance
  • All New Parts
  • Circular High Tech Cooling Inlets
  • Rigid Carbon/Fiberglass Construction
  • Updated Cowl Flap
  • Fast/Easy Access To Alternator And Starter
  • Installs In Approximately 8 Hours
  • Spinners Sold Separately  See Spinner Mod

LoPresti Wow! Cowl Kit

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