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Piper Saratoga / Lance
Speed Modifications

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Each order comes with all the hardware called out on the drawing, (i.e. rivets, screws, washers, rivnuts, etc), STC, step by step instructions, Mil Spec PRC sealant, (if required), Rubber gloves, drill bits, and LoPresti Decal.

Under wing Fairings Wing Tip Cowl GTO Mod
Replacement Fairings Main Landing Gear Doors Hubba Caps
Speed Kit Name

Speed Increase MPH

Spats - Main wheel well fairing (set) 4 6
Splitters - Flap hinge fairings (set) 3 7
Flap seals - Flap to wing seal (set) 2 5
Zip Tip Wing tip with 80,000 candle power Halogen recognition light (pair) - For Straight Wing or Taper wing
($249 for pulse kit, $400 for aft facing position light if required on Saratoga's)
2 12
- Boom Beam A New High Tech, HID (High Intensity Discharge), Xenon landing light system
LoPresti Howl Cowl! New Cowl with round inlets, Windshield Wedge, Afterbody belly fairing, new baffle plate, cowl flap, access doors, carbon fiber construction, covered landing light, better induction system, 2 new larger oil coolers and more. 12  
Optional Remote Oil filter   2
Top Prop - Hartzell Propeller   2
BlackMac PA32R-300 Kit #PL60179    
BlackMac PA32R-301 kit #PL60213    
Hubba Hubba Cap (pair) - Wheel Cover    

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